Multiple protection, pure and safe

24/7 security monitoring; Massive anti-spam samples, self-developed anti-spam patent algorithm, make the work more efficient.

Global connectivity, unimpeded flow

Overseas delivery IP distribution in the United States, Singapore, Australia and other countries.

Powerful, professional management

Archiving files, backup, moving and other functions, make the management more efficient. Schedule invitation and approval email make it easier to use.

Users can query login, send, receive, and delete logs easily

The email is sent in encrypted form, and the recipient needs to enter a password to view it

Existing and new mails can be classified according to the rules

Industry solutions

Scientific research and education

Our email system is designed for scientific research and education, providing safe, efficient and easy to use email services

Customer acquisition channels

Our email system is not only an efficient communication tool, but also a tool for enterprises to broaden the channels for customers

Artificial intelligence

Our email system is deeply integrated with Artificial intelligence technology, and provides efficient and convenient communication experience for enterprises

Enterprise customization

Our email system provides enterprise customization services to satisfy the individual needs of different enterprises

Global Email solutions